Why political philosophy, by itself, fails

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coyoteA facebook friend of mine asked how a teacher can impress upon a politics/philosophy student the importance of not treating political philosophy as a stand-alone, self-sufficient thing; the importance of knowing the philosophical underpinnings of one’s political philosophy. I responded as follows:

Teacher: What is your view of politics/economics?

Student: I’m in favour of capitalism.

Teacher: What if I told you that capitalism is evil, because your highest value is your death, your highest virtue is obedience to the will of God, and your highest purpose is to sacrifice yourself for the benefit of others? Read more

Creed of the Celebrity-trial Watcher

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rsz_ghomeshiWhoever loses, I will never forget: it was the lawyer’s fault. It was the lawyer’s fault that the legislators drafted the Code the way they did. It was the lawyer’s fault that the judge/jury interpreted the law they way they did. It was the lawyer’s fault that witnesses lied, or had a bad recollection or inconsistent testimony. It was the lawyer’s fault that there was no evidence, or that the judge allowed something into evidence, or refused to do so. Whatever I do, I will be sure to reject the idea that…justice prevailed.

Thought of the Day: Technology and the Death of Banks

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This is more a note to myself for future consideration, but I share it with you now in case you want to ponder it, my dear readers.

Consider: Technology eliminates middle-men. Banking is the epitome of middle-manning. Banking arguably is a do-do bird service in an age when lenders and borrowers could use software and data sharing to assess credit-worthiness, to find the lowest interest rates and best terms, and to create records of who owes what to whom. This will all become apparent when the banks are finished laying-off all of their employees and we realize that we’ve all been paying a corporation for the use of their computer.

Terrorism is not an enemy

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democracy_is_cancer_islam_is_answerTerrorism is not an enemy. It is an activity carried out by enemies.

Terrorism serves a purpose: the purpose of the enemy who uses it.

If one merely targets terrorism and terrorists – as Western leaders are now (weakly or strongly) promising to do in response to the November 13, 2015 murders by proponents of Sharia in France – one is not fighting a war. One is merely cleaning up after a battle. Read more

Letter to France re: The Paris Attacks of November 13, 2015

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DEAR FRANCE: “Atlas Shrugged” is a novel by Ayn Rand. The central message of the hero is that one must not sanction one’s own victimhood, and cannot be forced to do so. You are now experiencing the practical consequences of not taking that message seriously; of eschewing both factual certainty and moral absolutes. Neutrality has its costs. You’re paying them.

On Brock University’s Hallowe’en ‘Fun Rules’™

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mckAccording to Brock University, the last thing you would want to do is break Hallowe’en’s “FUN RULES”™. Brock University’s Student Union has put out a poster telling Brock students what they are prohibited from wearing on Hallowe’en. A number of officially verboten examples are given. ‘Oddly’ though, whereas a bindi or Arabic or Native headware is prohibited, you will find no mention of kilts, lederhosen, or wooden shoes. No mention of prohibitions on Pope hats, or anything else Christian or Jewish. Some cultural stuff deserves more protection than other cultural stuff, apparently. That is hardly an important point though.

To the contrary, here is the point: Read more

The “Soldier Card”, and Voting

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In the coming days, the newspapers and others will start publishing the standard editorials about how if you don’t exercise your right to vote, you’re disrespecting the soldiers who fought for this country. Here’s my advice to you. Read more

Is the universe finite?

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2015-06-21.universeF asked: “Why is the universe finite”. I replied as follows.

Your question suggests an error (i.e., an error that you’re seeking to identify as an error). Your question (or, if you prefer, the claim that the universe is finite) suggests that “the universe” is an entity. You are asking for an explanation of the claim that the size or duration of that entity is limited. The short answer is: If, by “the universe”, you are referring to an entity, then “the universe” is neither finite nor infinite because “the universe” is not an entity. Read more

Punching the other cheek: An open letter to a thief

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2015-06-20.punching-cheekA friend of mine, who has a popular radio show, reports that somebody smashed the door window of his parked car and stole a number of items, including his passport and a Tim Horton’s pre-paid card. Worse though, the thief stole my friend’s sense of security. He wrote an open letter to the thief, expressing his hurt. He told the thief that the thief could never steal his faith in Christ, that he would pray for the thief, and that the thief should try the Nutella doughnut at Tim Hortons. I have a different message for the thief: Read more

The Phony

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The phony is befriended by people who are his enemies, and is loved by people who hate him. The phony not only sacrifices the possibility of friendship and love, but deliberately subjects himself to what only he knows to be exclusion and loathing. He is, in truth, a self-hater, and his own worst enemy.

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