Flipping the Coyne on Abortion: Why Canada's MPs Should Vote Against Motion No. 312

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There are things that a government does not debate. Whether to be a government or an organized criminal gang is one of them. For that reason Andrew Coyne is simply wrong to submit, as he has in the National Post, that the idea that our Parliamentarians cannot debate abortion “is unworthy of a democratic country”. Read more

Google Blog Search Broken?: Sorted by Date

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Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that Google’s “Blog Search” is broken. Specifically, when you click on the “Sorted by Date” link, you are supposed to see your blog search results displayed according to the recency/newness of the blog posts, with the most recent blog posts appearing highest in the list. Time sorting is not working, which means that, if you are using google’s “Sorted by Date” to look for the most blog recent entry relating to your search string, you might not find the most recent entries listed where they should be: at the top of the list. Read more

Hudak's PCs in Conflict of Interest with Role as Official Opposition?

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A lot could be said – and is being said – about the Progressive Conservatives response – or rather, non-response – to the budget. The prevailing line of commentary is that Tim Hudak and the PCs failed to “show leadership” by deciding to vote against the budget before even knowing what it contained; and for failing to take part in the budget negotiations that have occurred in the weeks since its release. That they failed to show leadership may be true, but one would be hard pressed to demonstrate that that represents some kind of recent development. No, the essential issue arising from PCs’ conduct in respect of the 2012 budget is not a lack of leadership: it is a dereliction of duty. Read more

[IMAGE] Understanding Ontario's Budget Deficit: Painfully True Humour

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Two photos, compared, should tell you almost everything you need to know about what is wrong with government monopolies, and how they contribute to budget deficits.
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