McKeever's Minimal Maxims and Bon Arrows, Volume 2, Issue 2

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20081029paul” Leonard Cohen – did I tell you about this already? – Leonard Cohen wrote something to the effect that “Long after I’m dead, I’ll be making love to the women who read my books”. That pretty much captures my view of life. All we produce – especially the words we commit to writing, to audio, or to video – if it is not destroyed, remains as our eternal soul on earth. Plato and Aristotle, by that view, are alive today. Imagine the voyages I could obviate, and the fortunes I could save, if I could convince Man that the fountain of youth flows from the end of a pen!” – excerpt from a letter to Marc Emery (September 29, 2010).

As an online discussion grows longer, the probability that someone will cite Godwin’s Law approaches 1. – McKeever’s Corollary

Still asleep, but on your feet?
Don’t know what to wear?
Pull some brown socks o’er your toes,
and carry on from there.

Sky pulls the wool over our eyes.
Wind pierces warm flesh with cold wet needles.
Spurned Sun takes other lovers as mischievous Earth introduces celestial siblings.
Good gravy! I’m ready to Fall.

Commenting Disabled Until's Engineers Do A Better Job of "working on it"

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Dear Reader:

For the last several days, the spam screening software used by this blog has not been working well. Rather than immediately detecting and eliminating spam Comments, it is adding the comments into a queue for moderator approval.

The spam software says “Akismet has detected a problem. A server or network problem is preventing Akismet from working correctly”. The network problem, it says, is that one of Akismet’s 4 servers is being blocked by I called – the the Internet service provider for the Paul McKeever blog – and was told that NetworkSolutions knows of the Akismet problem, and that it is a problem with Of course, I was given the stock phrase: “…and our engineers are working on it”. Read more

The Bikini, the Bill, and the Burqa

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It’s the story that won’t just go away. Just two weeks ago, Tara Jones, an attractive young woman, issued a press release. It said that, on the anniversary of the gunning down of over a dozen women in Royalton, she would walk the streets near strip clubs in the city’s east side, wearing only a string bikini and pumps. Jones declared the evening to be “International Take Back the Night Day”, and said she would carry a sign saying “No Means No”. Read more

Marc Emery, Civil Disobedience, and the Fate of the Cannabis Culture

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Tomorrow, anti-prohibitionists will hold “Free Marc” rallies around the globe. They will call for the release from prison of publisher and political activist Marc Emery, who was sentenced to five years imprisonment last week in a Seattle court for operating a mail-order cannabis seed business that served Americans – among others – from his store in Vancouver Canada. However, Emery’s written submissions to a sentencing judge last week have left some anti-prohibition activists thinking that Emery now condemns law-breaking and the civil disobedience that landed him in jail. Read more

The Quran, Peaceniks, and the Intellectual H-Bomb

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I am, and will always be, an outspoken defender of an individual’s freedom to speak his mind, and I will remain a person who condemns censorship. I know nothing at all about Christian Reverend Terry Jones’ past statements, and little about his beliefs. However, as a person who values reason and individual freedom, I can only say “Bravo!” with respect to Jones’ now widely known plan to burn copies of the Quran on the 9th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 murders. And I cannot denounce strenuously enough those who are condemning Jones for his plan, and who are asking or threatening him not to proceed with his plans. Whatever his motives might be – to express anger or frustration; to promote his own religion as somehow being true; etc – his plan, and the angry response of many individuals to his plan, should say almost everything that needs to be learned about defending individual freedom from Islam. Read more

You're in for a Shock: Disturbing New Facts About Ontario's Green Energy Act

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Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is telling everyone that his decision to increase the price of electricity is “responsible” because it will force consumers to pay for the power they consume.  It will end an irresponsible old subsidy, he implies, but that implication is false.  In reality, his price hike is designed to pay for an irresponsible new subsidy. Read more