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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

FELLOW ONTARIANS, you have the opportunity to elect your member of the Ontario Legislature as little as once every four or five years. That is a long time between elections. Consider how much has changed in your life since 1999, or 1995.

In Thursday’s provincial election, you will, in effect, be choosing your representative in a crew that will guide Ontario over sometimes stormy seas. But your vote will also play a much more important role: It will determine whether Ontario will merely follow the wind, or travel purposefully in a clearly mapped direction to a better future.

This is no time to sell your vote for a few cheap “wedge-issue” promises. In exchange for your vote, you deserve a clear vision for improvement and prosperity, not “experienced management” of the little you already have. A government with the courage to do what is right, consistently, rather than the cowardly arrogance that schemes and flip-flops to avoid the loss of power and prestige. A premier who will work to facilitate Ontario’s success, not someone who seeks only the easiest route to avoid failure.

From electricity to choice in schools, the very things that brought the Tories to power – a commitment to breaking up government monopolies, to more competition, and to more choice and personal responsibility – have now been ejected by the new red Tory management of the Ontario PC party.

In its place is a scatter-brained, make-it-up-as-you-go, grease-every-squeaky-wheel style of governance.

On the issues that will still matter five years from now – education, health, electricity – you will in fact see no real difference between the PCs, Liberals and NDP. All of those parties are firmly committed to forcing you to pay for schools your children do not attend. All are committed to rationed health care. All are in favour of economically naive, dangerous and irresponsible price controls for electricity.

The Freedom Party of Ontario believes the greatness of a society is determined not by its government’s tendency to divide a single loaf of bread evenly, but by the efforts of its members to produce enough loaves for everyone. Individual choice, personal responsibility, dignity, prosperity and justice: That is Freedom Party’s vision for Ontario over the next four or five years. You can find out more about our platform at and we have 24 candidates running across the province. It all starts with your vote on Oct. 2.

Paul McKeever
Freedom Party of Ontario

(Good luck. It appears all right wing parties are going to need it)