Hudak's PCs Propose Get-out-of-Jail Program: Taxpayers Would Pay Extra $3k per Inmate

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You’ve been worried about not making ends meet; perhaps even worried about losing your job or your business. Gasoline prices are cripplingly high. The McGuinty government seems bound and determined to empty your wallet and make just about everything increasingly inconvenient and time consuming. Thanks to the McGuinty Liberals’ ban on Health Canada approved pesticides, you are now dealing with a season of sneezing and a host of critters that are destroying lawns and gardens all over your neighbourhood. You have decided, firmly, that you want McGuinty’s Liberals gone, and you’re looking for a better party to fill those vacant Liberal seats at Queens Park after the October 6, 2011 provincial election. However, today, you heard that the focus of Tim Hudak’s Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario is…wait for it…making you and other Ontario taxpayers pay an extra $20M, every year, so that violent criminals and convicted sex offenders can be let out of prison to get some sun and pick up some litter in your neighbourhood. Huh?

It is common knowledge, among conservative strategists, that there is a small block of voters who never believe that prisoners – ever – are truly paying for their crimes. That block will always approve of just about any additional punishment that any politician proposes. Yesterday, Hudak and his Progressive Conservatives thought they’d try to buy-off those voters by promising that a Hudak government would make convicts in provincial detention centres do up to 40 hours of work each week. On the surface, it sounds like a get-tough-on-prisoners program. Scratch the surface though, and you will quickly discover that it is just the opposite. It is an easy-on-serious-criminals program that will raid the taxpayer’s wallet yet again, and endanger children and others in communities across Ontario. Read more

Proof: Tim Hudak's PCs Would Continue to Run Massive Deficits

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If your intelligence is not yet insulted by Ontario Progressive Conservative (“PC”) party leader Tim Hudak’s claims that he will fight the deficit by finding “waste in the system”, it should be by the time you finish reading this article. As the October 6, 2011 Ontario provincial election approaches – and as Hudak does his damnedest to pretend that he would be fiscally responsible were his party to form the next government – the voter would be well served to arm him or her self with the key budget numbers and with a proper understanding of the political implications of those numbers. To that end, I trust the following will prove empowering. Read more

On Tim Hudak: The Reins of Power and the Reign of Terror

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With a poll a few months ago suggesting the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario (“PC”) was ahead of the provincial Liberals, PC leader Tim Hudak has avoided putting out any plank that could stir any voter’s passions in a negative way. However, the media have (rightly) complained that Hudak owes the Ontario voter an election platform. With the release today of a plank on electricity bills, a disturbing pattern is emerging. If the pattern holds, Ontario had better hope to hell that Hudak’s PCs are not the ones chosen to replace Dalton McGuinty’s faltering Liberals in the October 6, 2011 provincial election.

Though the media has not noticed it – or, at least, they have not mentioned it – Hudak’s pattern has been to eke out a musing or a plank only as a means of diverting the media away from reporting stories that would harm his party’s standing in the polls. In chronological order, here’s a brief account of the three main Hudak diversions to date: Read more

Twittergasm: The Ontario Liberal Government's Attempt to Fake Grassroots Excitement

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I admit it. Though I have usually been an early adopter of such things as YouTube and Facebook, I only recently took an interest in Twitter . Having observed, for weeks, the sort of nonsense that is posted with the most popular Ontario provincial political hashtag, #onpoli, I regret to inform you, dear reader, that Twitter’s influence on Ontario provincial politics must arguably be so tiny as to be unmeasurable. There are several “tweets” about such things as Liberal government announcements. However, as I am about to demonstrate, they amount to the equivalent of false orgasms of a verbal variety, deliberately uttered in an attempt to create the equally false impression that the non-partisan public is excited by the Liberal government’s plans. Read more