New from Apple?: iLate

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2009-12-03.ilateOn Saturday, November 21 (12 days ago, 9 Canadian business days, 8 U.S. business days, because of Thanksgiving) I ordered my first Mac. From all accounts, it will be a wonderful machine…if it ever gets here. Read more

Freedom School (blog edition) No. 1 – "Are free markets to blame?"

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20090325nevereconomyYaron Brook, Executive Director of the Ayn Rand Institute in Irvine, California, together with his colleague, Alex Epstein, recently appeared on a local television program “to discuss the roots of the financial meltdown, and why free markets are not to blame.” Before I had watched the video, my initial response to the discussion topic was:

“why free markets are not to blame”…isn’t that the same reason that fairies are not to blame? A is A.

My initial response was misguided, as was Epstein’s. Read more

"The P.O.P": A New Movie by Paul McKeever (trailer)

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In the coming weeks, I will be releasing a full-length film (a documentary), the ‘code-name’ of which is “The P.O.P.”. It features the last three decades of the political activities of Marc Emery, who is these days most widely recognized as Canada’s “Prince of Pot” (a titled conferred upon him by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in the mid-nineties, and popularized by CNN in 1997. I today released a trailer for the film (see below). If you don’t want to miss it when it is released, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel: the movie will be available on YouTube. You can also check back here periodically, or sign-up (on the main page of my blog) to receive updates via e-mail. Read more

Why 2012 is too late to be the end of the world

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2009-11-16.2012Received via e-mail, despite layers of anti-spam software:

7:45 AM, November 14, 2009. e-mail from

Hello Dear,

Compliments of the day to you.I am Miss Happy sam ,28 years old single.I am 5ft.8inches,my weight is 60kg,black hair with brown eyes and fair in complexion. Read more

Remembrance / Veteran's Day

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With admiration for brave freedom fighters, living and dead. Read more

Inverted Morality Yeilds Backward Questions

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2009-11-05.mooseSome readers may know that, since 2002, I have been the leader of Freedom Party of Ontario, in Canada. In that capacity, I have been responsible for electoral platforms, whereas the party executive is responsible for the party policies upon which the platforms are founded. The other day, I received a letter in relation to the party, and its writer asked:

You mention [in the 2007 Freedom Party election platform] how you want public health care and education to be paid for by those who use it, and have a private option for everyone else. How about those who cannot afford either, those who have been born into cyclical poverty through no fault of their own. Now i understand that these people can break the cycle, but isn’t access to health care and education necessary for them to break this cycle. This is a question that still bothers me….What becomes of those who cannot afford access to basic services for survival?

I answered that part of the writer’s letter as follows: Read more

The Right Economic Direction for Ontario's Government

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2009-10-28.exitOver at the National Post’s “Full Comment” blog today , the Post is doing its darnedest to prop up Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario leader Tim Hudak as someone who…is known to exist. In the second of two National Post op-eds in (has it been?) as many weeks, Hudak resorts to the tactic of criticizing the other guy but offering nothing unequivocal or unambiguous as an alternative. In the midst of a much-deserved bashing of the Liberals, the best (and only thing) Hudak can offer, in terms of an alternative is this: Read more

A Blasphemous Question: Is Religion Anti-Freedom?

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A Speech Given by Paul McKeever
to the September 30th, 2009 Meeting of the Durham Region Freethinkers

Today is the fourth anniversary of the publication of the famous 12 cartoons which many Muslims regarded as blasphemous. In response to the publication of those cartoons, many Muslims acted out violently, destroying property and even attempting to murder one of the cartoonists, Kurt Westergaard (who created the famous bomb-in-a-turban cartoon). It is my understanding that, for this reason, International Blasphemy Day was scheduled for this day. Read more

The Verdict Is In on Obama

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Designed by Paul McKeever
Definitely in the Public Domain

Paul McKeever’s Minimal Maxims and Bon Arrows, volume 1, issue 7

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20081029paul Truer words have never been said, even in response to a lie.

Godly fire never shone
For brilliant spark fell but on stone.
Where hid paper, where slid pen?
What distraction stunted ken?
What grand wonders failed to be
For lack of mark or memory?

The Folly of the Tax Department: in many jurisdictions, the penalty for keeping the wealth that you produce peacefully is worse than the penalty for turning yourself in for mass murder.

O Beard
It’s not so plain to see.
Do I hide you or do you hide me?
Are you this man’s soul, in manifested form?
Or does my soul shine only when you’re shorn?
Fine blades
drawn across my face:
Virtuous slice or bloody disgrace?
If I take you off, what then may one infer?
That I’ve naught to hide, or cherub mask prefer?
O Beard
Let’s make it plain to see.
Sometimes show you, always show just me.
So I’ll groom you now, and leave me as I be,
But we’ll sever relations in a month or three.

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