The Verdict Is In on Obama

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Designed by Paul McKeever
Definitely in the Public Domain

Paul McKeever’s Minimal Maxims and Bon Arrows, volume 1, issue 7

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20081029paul Truer words have never been said, even in response to a lie.

Godly fire never shone
For brilliant spark fell but on stone.
Where hid paper, where slid pen?
What distraction stunted ken?
What grand wonders failed to be
For lack of mark or memory?

The Folly of the Tax Department: in many jurisdictions, the penalty for keeping the wealth that you produce peacefully is worse than the penalty for turning yourself in for mass murder.

O Beard
It’s not so plain to see.
Do I hide you or do you hide me?
Are you this man’s soul, in manifested form?
Or does my soul shine only when you’re shorn?
Fine blades
drawn across my face:
Virtuous slice or bloody disgrace?
If I take you off, what then may one infer?
That I’ve naught to hide, or cherub mask prefer?
O Beard
Let’s make it plain to see.
Sometimes show you, always show just me.
So I’ll groom you now, and leave me as I be,
But we’ll sever relations in a month or three.

Laying Blame for the Economic Mess: Milton Keynes or John Maynard Friedman?

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2009.09.11.jmfriedmanOn September 2, 2009, the Financial Post published an opinion piece by Penn Bullock that asks whether or not the current economic crisis was the result of Milton Friedman’s monetarism. Casting him rightly as someone held up as a hero by libertarians, Bullock concludes:

For two libertarian champions of free markets and limited government, this legacy has the ring of a world-historic irony.

In response, I submitted the following letter to the editor of the Financial Post. From what I can tell, it was not published by that paper. Read more

McKeever on McParland on Conservatives on Obama

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2009-09-08.barack-jesusThe National Post is one of Canada’s two national newspapers. The “Full Comment” blog of the online component offers some good reading material. It is edited by Kelly McParland, a seasoned journalist.

Prompted by an AFP report about American conservatives criticizing a speech that Barack Obama will be giving to school children, McParland today writes that, if conservatives can condemn Obama’s remarks as socialism, it is no wonder they cannot embrace socialist health care. The essence of McParland’s submission is that Obama’s speech just tells kids to work hard and do well in school, so conservatives who criticize the speech are holding back things like socialist health care because they see practically anything as a socialist plot. Read more

Democracy, Dale Goldhawk Style?

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2009-09-03.goldhawkAs some of you may know, I am the leader of Freedom Party of Ontario, which is an officially-registered political party in the province of Ontario, Canada. There is currently a by-election in the riding of St. Paul’s to fill the seat recently vacated by Michael Bryant, and I am Freedom Party’s candidate in that by-election.

Today, I received the following e-mail from Kelly Todd, the producer of “Goldhawk Live” (Rogers TV – Toronto): Read more