"Bully": the new "Nazi"

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You are a bully if you say that you disagree with this article…or if you don’t read it at all. But don’t worry, I’m a bully too if what I’ve written here offends you. At least those are implications of the new meaning being given to the word “bully” by today’s reds.

Truths and falsehoods are said about people every day and, every day, people are praised or condemned. Until recently, such statements did not constitute “bullying” unless they were false or vicious. The person who was spreading the falsehood that Sarah “has cooties” was bullying Sarah because it was dishonest and, therefore, vicious. Spreading a falsehood that John’s genetic make-up makes him stupid or dishonest was bullying, because it was false and, therefore, vicious.

However, over the last few years, the Reds have been attempting to destroy that distinction. They now assert that bullying does not have to involve the false or the vicious. Bullying, the reds now imply, includes any comment that someone does not want to hear or does not want others to hear. Read more

Poison Pill: How Ontario's Progressive Conservatives are Trying to Trigger an Election

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It is becoming increasingly clear that Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives are scheming to trigger another Ontario election this week. Moreover, it is being done in a way designed to make the Liberals look as though they are to blame.

Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath today said that she had vowed to “let” the budget motion succeed (not the bill, but the policy and planning blueprint released and voted upon weeks ago) and that she had kept that promise. What she meant was that she and her whole party abstained from voting, which gave the Liberals a numerical advantage over the PCs when the blueprint was voted upon. She said that she also was promising to “let” the budget bill pass this coming Wednesday. Her language implies that she again will have her members abstain from the vote on the budget bill, such that the success or failure of the budget will come down to a vote between the Liberals and the PCs. Read more