New Full-length Documentary Argues Extradition of Marc Emery Would Violate Canada's Extradition Act

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2010-04-21.judaskissOntario lawyer Paul McKeever today released the second part of his two-part documentary about the Canadian “Prince of Pot”, Marc Emery. Titled “The Principle of Pot”, the release of Part 2 is timed to precede and to inform a decision by Canada’s federal Justice Minister, Rob Nicholson, about whether or not to approve the extradition of Emery to the United States. If extradited, Emery faces five years of imprisonment in the USA for having sold cannabis seeds. Emery mailed seeds to Americans from Vancouver, Canada, via Canada Post. The Minister’s decision is expected by May 10, 2010. Read more

What You Ain't Ain't What You Is

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Over on, I posted the following “status” message, which has led to some interesting feedback. I post it some of it here, without name attribution (for the sake of the privacy of my facebook friends). I’ll update this blog post, as warranted, so check back from time to time to see how the debate develops.

My status message read:

Paul McKeever is not an atheist. One cannot be identified by what one is not. And, no, atheism did not “cause” communism. A zero cannot “cause” anything.

The responses were as follows:

Me: To clarify: I’m not an aSanta-ist either.

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A Fine Time for Your Greatest Sin

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2010-04-12.gimmeI today received a letter from a stranger whom I’ll call “Mr. X”. I get these letters – or similar phone calls – from time to time, usually at around tax filing season. Read more