Is a provincial ban on medical cannabis prescriptions the key to ending prohibition?

January 31, 2013 by · 2 Comments 

It may be time for Canada’s provinces to pass legislation banning medical professionals from prescribing cannabis for medical purposes. Ironically, that may be the only measure capable of stopping a federal moving target dead, and ending cannabis prohibition in Canada. Read more

Government, Libertarianism, and the Two Worlds: An Open Letter to Glenn Beck and Penn Jillette

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Your December 6, 2012 discussion on The Blaze in respect of Mr. Jillette’s book “Every Day Is An Atheist Holiday” has been forwarded to me by a person who asks “How can we better expand our tent without compromising any principles?”. Having now watched your discussion with great interest, I offer you the following in the hope that you might find it helpful in your efforts to build a big tent that is actually pro-freedom. Read more