Hitler and Nazism: “Left Wing” or “Right Wing”?

November 15, 2016 by · Comments Off on Hitler and Nazism: “Left Wing” or “Right Wing”? 

hitler-moustacheYour “right wing” acquaintances assert that Hitler and his Nazis were left-wingers, but your “left wing” acquaintances assert that Hitler and his Nazis were right-wingers. If you have spent a significant amount of time debating such things, you have probably observed that both sides believe themselves to be correct. Well, why do they each believe themselves to be correct? And which of them is correct? Read more

When you’ve got them by the short and…

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When you’ve got them by the
short and pearlies,
their hearts and hairs
will follow.
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Judging people by their code of ethics is not tribalism

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2016-06-15-forthoodIn the aftermath of the Orlando massacre of June 12, 2016, the Ayn Rand Institute’s Elan Journo has written an article in which he condemns the positions of the presumptive presidential nominees of the two biggest political parties in the USA. Journo accuses both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump of failing “to understand the centrality of philosophic ideas in animating the jihadist cause”, and he sums-up Trump’s proposed ban on immigration by Muslims as “tribalism”. I am sympathetic about what he says about Clinton, but I think he gets this one wrong with respect to Trump. Read more

The Virtue of “Sin”, and the Great Satan

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2016-06-14.riverA university student I know naturally was concerned about the June 12, 2016 murder, by an Islamic Jihadist, of 49 people in Orlando, Florida – many of whom reportedly prefer members of their own sex, sexually. Those murdered, it is believed, were murdered because of who they are attracted to or love. Being my friend, the university student naturally condemns the act, and does not share the murderer’s negative views on homosexuality. On, he wrote the following:

“Islam is homophobic by nature. Muslims who tolerate homosexuality do so in spite of their faith, not because of it.”

The response came swiftly from another student at his university: she commented that he is a “hater”, and that she was sad that he hails from the same university. In lieu of actually addressing what the first student had written, she posted a tweet of a young man named Shawn who said he is both gay and Muslim. I can only imagine the “quality” of the arguments she makes in her university essays. Read more

Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Self-imprisonment

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2016-05-17.self-imprisonmentThere is no such thing as “race”, though we all have different genetic make-ups.

There is no such thing as “gender”, though most of us have either a penis or a vagina.

There is no such thing as “sexual orientation”, though some of us are sexually attracted to both sexes, some are sexually attracted to one sex much more than the other, some are sexually attracted exclusively to one sex, and many are sexually attracted to nobody at all. Read more

Fine Dining: U.S. Presidential Election Bickering 101

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2016-05-07.celeryWaiter: “Our menu is quite limited. As usual, we have a lovely bowl of celery. However, for the first time ever, we’re offering boldly different poached egg whites as an alternative.”

Guest #1: “People who eat poached egg whites are evil, because poached egg whites are sugarless. I’m no fan of celery – god knows I’ve lost so much weight eating celery that I’m almost a skeleton – but I’ll die of starvation before I eat sugarless food. I’ll take the celery”.

Guest #2: “It’s not as though celery is sugary. I think we both could use some protein in our diets. I mean: look at us. We’re shadows of our former selves. People who choose celery over poached egg whites are stupid. I’ll take the poached egg whites”.

Guest #3: “Seeing as I’m the only one of us three who brought any money to this joint, just gimme the usual: the bill.”

The Emperor Has No Womb

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2016-04-19.matrixThe big lie is that gender identity is about gender. As a recent video demonstrates with on-campus interviews of university students, the big truth is that the political battle about who gets to use the women’s washroom is just the thin edge of a wedge in what is actually a war over metaphysics; a war started by the proponents of social metaphysics; a war against rational thought, free choice, and individual freedom. Specifically, gender identity is about getting people to trump reality with delusional beliefs about what is real. In technical philosophical terms: it is a war to replace, in everyone’s mind, the primacy of existence with the primacy of consciousness.

The Family Policy Institute of Washington has released a video in which its fair skinned, green-eyed, blonde-haired, 5’9″ Director, Joseph Backholm, attends the University of Washington’s campus to see just how far today’s university students have been trained to reject reality and to conform. Read more

Now is not the time…

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Listen for it, dear citizen: the most important phrase in the verbal toolbox of hypocritical, morally-corrupt, or dishonest politicians; the phrase that feigns now to be objection, but serves later to be an endorsement.

The phrase: “Now is not the time…”

A surviving thought

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I’m not the man I was. Never was. Never will be.

How to understand politics better

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Le_penseur_de_la_Porte_de_lEnfer_(musée_Rodin)_(4528252054)_FotorFive things to remember about people, politics, and political phrases (by no means a complete list, and in no particular order):

When they demand respect, they demonstrate that they lack what is needed to command respect.

It’s not a “hand-up” that they want. It’s a take-down.

When they say “Share the wealth”, they mean “Share the misery.”

When they say “Together, we will…”, they mean: “You shall…”. You, and you alone, for them, or else.

When they say “We’re all in this together”, the “this” they’re referring to is your wallet…and not theirs.

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