You Keep Asking, Now We Answer: Freedom Party versus Libertarian Party

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The word “libertarian” is used in both a formal sense and an informal sense. When a socialist Liberal politician exclaims that the state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation, he is called a civil “libertarian”. When a theocratic Conservative politician calls for a reduction in taxes, he too is called a “libertarian”. And when an “anarcho-capitalist” economist calls for the elimination of government, he is called a “libertarian”. So what does the word actually mean? Read more

Ontario's Fiscal Freefall: Liberal vs. PC = Feet-first vs. Head-first

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The more some things change, the more other things stay the same. The Liberal premier, finance minister, and energy minister have all announced their resignation from politics. The Liberal Party of Ontario is imploding. The province has fallen into a fiscal crisis. But Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives are doing a replay of the “we’re liberals too” campaign that left that party with opposition status in the 2011 election. Read more

Second Presidential Debate: Obama's Exploding Libyan Cigar

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President Barack Obama’s response to the September 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya was the defining issue of the second U.S. presidential debate. Obama claimed that the day after the attack on the U.S. Consulate there, he:

“…stood in the Rose Garden and I told the American people and the world that we are going to find out exactly what happened. That this was an act of terror and I also said that we’re going to hunt down those who committed this crime.”

That was a lie. Accordingly, in the manner of a civil litigator cross-examining a lying witness, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney gave Obama a minute to retract or qualify his answer. Obama did not do so. It was his undoing. Read more

Biden's Rand Card: Preparatory Advice to Paul Ryan

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Will Joe Biden play the Rand card in tomorrow’s debate against Mitt Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan? How should Ryan respond if he does? Read more

Credit Where Credit's Due: McGuinty's Liberals Get One Right

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Ontario’s government today announced that pharmacists are no longer among those prohibited by law from performing certain services. The government’s news release featured the fact that pharmacists will now be able to administer the flu shot. For those – especially seniors – who find it difficult or inconvenient to get to the more limited number of places where flu shots are administered, this is certainly an added convenience. But the bombshell change is this: “…pharmacists can now also: Renew or adapt existing prescriptions…”. That is a major, praiseworthy change. Read more

Hate the Sinner

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The electoral efforts of we pro-reason, pro-freedom individuals have been undermined by our cowardice.

Thinking ourselves bold and brave, we write in unambiguous and unequivocal terms of ideas and principles; of reason and faith; of selfishness and altruism; of individualism and collectivism; of free markets and central planning; of capitalism and communism. We stand up, look into the eyes of our audiences, and speak about big institutions and abstract entities – “the government”, “the state”, “unions”, etc. – and about their irrationality, their coerciveness, and the like.

In doing so, we act out of fear; fear not because of what we write or say, but because of what we refrain from writing and saying. Fearing we’ll offend someone, we cower from the utterance of the very thing that must be said if freedom is to prevail. Read more

Canada, Leonard Peikoff, Iran, and Collectivism

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On October 12, 2001, Canadian-born philosophy professor and author Dr. Leonard Peikoff (author of the recently released book “The DIM Hypothesis: Why the Lights of the West are Going Out“) appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s political talk show. The appearance of course made its way onto YouTube, where the video has been viewed over 47,000 times, and 1452 comments have been made in response to it. Especially since being posted to YouTube, Dr. Peikoff’s views about the USA bombing or otherwise taking military action in Iran have often drawn the allegation – especially from libertarians, but not from Objectivists – that Dr. Peikoff, or Objectivism itself, is somehow collectivist in respect of war. The latest such criticism occurred on my own facebook wall. Accordingly, I take it upon myself to demonstrate that such allegations are false. Read more

Located: the Next Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada

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A picture is worth a thousand words. So… Read more

Advice for Politically-Active Objectivists When Dealing with the Media/Public

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A fellow Objectivist with not too much experience speaking with the media asked for a few pointers. I replied as follows.

I suppose the most important thing is to speak in steak-and-potatoes terms. Abstractions that are well understood by Objectivists often lack a conscious connection to the concretes in a non-Objectivist’s life.

There are some others that come immediately to mind: Read more

McKeever’s Minimal Maxims and Bon Arrows, Volume 2, Issue 4

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20081029paulOne’s collection of skipping records gets larger as one ages. Skip…skip…skip…ski…sk…s….
Worse: One eventually learns that one got said skipping records at a flea market, and that they’ve never been anything but skipping records, since time immemorial.
Worst: nobody around me seems to hear the damned things skipping.

As soon as “bad” meant both “good” and “bad”, dictionaries became irrelevant, and freedom included slavery.

A socialist leader’s virtue is the ability to shrink, not to grow.

If nobody ever knew your name, you were never alive in the first place. We build the souls we leave behind. Build one that will stand the test of time. – Note to a friend.

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