McKeever’s Minimal Maxims and Bon Arrows, Volume 2, Issue 6

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20081029paulCauses, patterns and the determined depend not, for their existences, upon your perception or prediction of them. Ignorance is not evidence.

The will will will what it will.

There is a time for education but, more often, it is a time of war. Murderers do not value truth.

Rhythm sans melody’s a crime. Rhyme is no replacement. Give ’em 6 strings in the basement. Every beat should chime.

The Emperor Has No Womb

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2016-04-19.matrixThe big lie is that gender identity is about gender. As a recent video demonstrates with on-campus interviews of university students, the big truth is that the political battle about who gets to use the women’s washroom is just the thin edge of a wedge in what is actually a war over metaphysics; a war started by the proponents of social metaphysics; a war against rational thought, free choice, and individual freedom. Specifically, gender identity is about getting people to trump reality with delusional beliefs about what is real. In technical philosophical terms: it is a war to replace, in everyone’s mind, the primacy of existence with the primacy of consciousness.

The Family Policy Institute of Washington has released a video in which its fair skinned, green-eyed, blonde-haired, 5’9″ Director, Joseph Backholm, attends the University of Washington’s campus to see just how far today’s university students have been trained to reject reality and to conform. Read more

A surviving thought

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I’m not the man I was. Never was. Never will be.

Why political philosophy, by itself, fails

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coyoteA facebook friend of mine asked how a teacher can impress upon a politics/philosophy student the importance of not treating political philosophy as a stand-alone, self-sufficient thing; the importance of knowing the philosophical underpinnings of one’s political philosophy. I responded as follows:

Teacher: What is your view of politics/economics?

Student: I’m in favour of capitalism.

Teacher: What if I told you that capitalism is evil, because your highest value is your death, your highest virtue is obedience to the will of God, and your highest purpose is to sacrifice yourself for the benefit of others? Read more

Is the universe finite?

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2015-06-21.universeF asked: “Why is the universe finite”. I replied as follows.

Your question suggests an error (i.e., an error that you’re seeking to identify as an error). Your question (or, if you prefer, the claim that the universe is finite) suggests that “the universe” is an entity. You are asking for an explanation of the claim that the size or duration of that entity is limited. The short answer is: If, by “the universe”, you are referring to an entity, then “the universe” is neither finite nor infinite because “the universe” is not an entity. Read more

Wilful Blindness, Religion and Politics

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On his blog, Sunmedia writer Warren Kinsella expresses some puzzlement about why his submitted column on politics and religion didn’t appear in today’s issue of the Sun. Given that a left-wing writer was actually coming to the defence of a Conservative Prime Minister’s privacy, it is a bit puzzling (perhaps a Conservative writer with more pull wanted to be the one to please the PM?). However, in my view, it’s just as well. Kinsella’s defence of the PM was not warranted. Read more

Identity, Blatchford, Journalism, and Oz

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Christie Blatchford is a writer whose writings currently are printed in the Globe and Mail Newspaper. She is probably most widely recognized as a writer who reports the facts as they relate to court proceedings. She is well respected in that role and, in my view, such respect is warranted.

However, Blatchford writes (or, on radio, speaks) her opinions on non-legal matters (e.g., matters of politics or culture) at times and, in that capacity, she is decidedly weak. Those of her opinions I have heard or read are of the Joe six-pack “it just seems to me” or “I feel” variety, rather than being the result of a applying any consistent and coherent set of philosophical principles to the facts of a matter.

That weakness did not stop her from flashing her press credentials to take an unwarranted swipe at unpaid blog writers who attended and reported upon G20 protests and who think that they deserved to be treated with the same dignity and respect as paid reporters. Read more

The Mouse Who Became a Cat: A Fairy Story for Children

March 4, 2009 by · 3 Comments 

Over at the Western Standard blog, contributor Terry O’Neill reports a story from the anti-abortion news site about the passage of Montana Senate bill 406 (a “constitutional personhood amendment”) which states both: Read more

Toronto Star Plays Fair: Greenspan No Acolyte of Ayn Rand's

October 27, 2008 by · 5 Comments 

Readers of my blog will know that my most recent entry concerned a Toronto Star editorial that erroneously implied that Alan Greenspan’s role in the credit crisis was due to his being influenced by Ayn Rand. The clear implication was that the crisis was caused by the laissez faire capitalism espoused by Rand. I wrote a letter to the editor, and suggested others do so as well. Read more

Ayn Rand: Smeared Again – My Defence

October 25, 2008 by · 6 Comments 

The Toronto Star newspaper has today (October 25, 2008) published an editorial titled “Twilight of the Oracles”. It takes aim at Alan Greenspan. It focuses on a quotation from Greenspan’s testimony in which he allegedly (I didn’t watch or hear the testimony) said “free markets did break down”. And then it does the all too easy: it mentions that Ayn Rand, author of Atlas Shrugged, “impressed” him with statements like “”The only way a government can be of service to national prosperity is by keeping its hands off.” It then proceeds to call that a “counsel of neglect”, and condemn’s Rand’s views as “a cruel joke to millions losing jobs and homes”. Thusly, the Star gave us all a solid example of how dishonesty is inherent in socialism and its proponents. Accordingly, I wrote the following letter to the editor. Read more

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