Feel Better About Yourself: Elect (more) Morons

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According to a Chicago Sun Times report, City council in Chicago has passed a by-law to ban the possession of little plastic baggies.

Move over Bronfman family, with your cross-border whiskey operation. Make way for the McKeever family black-market little-plastic baggy dynasty.

Notice how uncritically the media report this stuff.

The only thing more stupid: watch now as baggy manufacturers and retailers argue for a “compromise” solution, like say… licensing for baggies; or limits on how many you can possess; or the embedding of a microchip in each bag (tax-funded, of course) to track baggy users; or warning labels (“Warning, exposure to bags like these is highly correlated with drug addiction. Just say no to baggies”); or a baggy tax, the proceeds of which will go to fighting the war on baggies.

I’m setting my stop-watch to see how long before Julian Fantino (Ontario’s police commissioner) says he too needs a baggy tax as “another tool in the belt”.

Tool. Yep.

Objectivist "Political Views" Finally Arrive on FaceBook

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Heads up everyone (especially if you are on

A few weeks ago (or is it months now), I wrote to and asked that it consider dispensing with the pull-down menu in the “Political Views” field of its member profiles. It allowed things like “Conservative”, “Liberal”, “Very Liberal”, and “Libertarian”, but did not allow Objectivist responses. I suggested, as one of a couple of options, allowing people just to type-in what their political views are.

Good news. I don’t know WHEN it happened, but it appears that it is now possible to TYPE-IN your political views on FaceBook (instead of picking them from a pull-down menu).

I would encourage Objectivists to use the word “Objectivist”, rather than “Capitalist” for one reason: so that people know WHY you support capitalism (i.e., so they do not confuse your metaphysics, epistemology, or ethics to be mystical, irrational, or altruistic, respectively). Let people know that you are impliedly a capitalist because you are committed to the facts of reality, to reason as man’s only tool for obtaining knowledge, to rational egoism as man’s proper ethics, to consent as the requirement for all human interactions, and to capitalism as the only socio-economic system compatible with those commitments.



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