An Open Letter to Ontario’s MPPs, from Paul McKeever

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Dear Honourable Member:

Re: Notwithstanding Clause and Bill 5 (Better Local Government Act, 2018)

Today, you will face howls of protest from a Toronto Establishment that has suddenly found it convenient to cast you in the role of enemy of justice and democracy. Specifically, they seek to demonize anyone who votes in favour of a bill that would use the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms‘ notwithstanding clause to immunize it from potential mis-application of the Charter. As the leader of the Freedom Party of Ontario, and as a practising lawyer of some 21 years, I am writing to explain to you why the demonizers are in the wrong, and why voting in favour of the legislation actually will render you the better defender of individual freedom and democracy, as well as a defender of the reputation of the administration of justice. I will enumerate my arguments for easy reference. Read more

What’s Wrong with Dave Rubin’s “Classical Liberal” Infomercial

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In a new, two minute infomercial, Dave Rubin provides his viewers with an answer to the question “What is a Classical Liberal?”. Sadly, the bright and affable host of The Rubin Report gives his viewers an answer that deliberately strips away so much distinguishing philosophy as to leave the term “classical liberal” little more than a term used to refer to a desired but elusive big, inclusive collective of unprincipled and intellectually disarmed dreamers. Read more

Doug Ford flip flops on private pot: wants government monopoly, would favour prohibition

March 16, 2018 by · Comments Off on Doug Ford flip flops on private pot: wants government monopoly, would favour prohibition 

If you thought Doug Ford was promising a free market for cannabis sales, Doug has some disappointing news for you: that dream is now officially up in smoke. Yesterday, Ford told Alan Carter, the host of Focus Ontario that, for the foreseeable future, he is in favour of the Wynne government’s planned government monopoly on cannabis distribution and sales. Ford even says that, if he had it his way, cannabis would not be legalized at all. Read more

Depression: A few words for relief

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Heart broken, now alone, you feel your life slow to a stop. Looking out two windows – tunnels? – life all around you continues rushing along to the music of light hearted banter, smiles, or worries about deadlines. Your anxiety is heightened by the feeling that everyone sees your despair; sees you spiraling down a hole; is watching you like a rubber-necker watching the scene of a 3-car pile-up.

Eventually, the horror sets-in: upon closer inspection Read more

A scary but pleasant sense of the size of my life…and of yours

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I remember life in the early 70s. The whole world was so very different then – more than any 70’s movie could explain.

I was/am a factory-worker’s son. Mom was mostly work-at-home. Houses were much smaller and much less pretentious.

Buddy Holly’s music was only 15 years old, but Zeppelin was on the shelf. Read more

27 Valentines

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I herein recount, in regrettably sparse detail, the morning of February 14, 2018.

I stood with my wife and youngest, and a number of similarly-aged university students, on a strip of thinly wooded land between two bodies of water. It was cold. The grass was the colour of straw, and there were no leaves on the maples. Team leaders – like camp counselors – were explaining that the plan was to paddle from our current destination to the university on the river. Read more

Defamation Laws and the Mythical “Right to Freedom of Speech”

November 11, 2017 by · Comments Off on Defamation Laws and the Mythical “Right to Freedom of Speech” 

2017-11-11-word-gunDespite loose talk to the contrary, there is no moral “right of free speech”. It is only when one sets up a “right” of “free speech” that one then has to somehow explain how defamation laws – which involve making a liar pay damages to a person about whom he has told a lie – are not a violation of the “right of free speech”. Typically, the explanation ends up involving another made-up “right” that must be “balanced” against the “right” of “free speech”, or that somehow constitutes a exception to the “right of free speech”. The result of such explanations, inevitably, is that someone asserts that the “right” of “free speech” is “not absolute”. This devolves further into a greater, and more harmful generalization: that “rights are not absolute”. The end game is something akin to s. 1 of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which states that “The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society“. In other words, one ends up with constitutional laws that say you have rights, but that they’re not absolute. More succinctly: that you have no rights at all.

It therefore comes to me as a disappointment that none other than the Director of Legal Studies at the Ayn Rand Institute, Steve Simpson (who is usually a great advocate of Ayn Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism) has defended defamation laws by asserting that one has a “right” to the value of one’s own reputation: Read more

Ignore the youtube critics: discover “Star Trek: Discovery” for yourself

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star-trek-discoveryAt least two of my friends are contemplating writing-off the new Star Trek: Discovery series. Their negative assessment of the show is apparently founded upon one or two critiques by youtube vloggers: one by a fellow named Jeff Holiday (who, I gather, usually vlogs about video games), and another by one Dave Cullen. Both vloggers appear to be dyed-in-the-wool Trekkies: they apparently know quite a bit about what has been done in the franchise in the past. This may account for the trust my friends have placed in their respective critiques of the new show. And what trust they must have! Without having watched the new show at all, one of my friends has declared:

“Looks like I won’t even be trying to watch the new Star Treks. They look unwatchable, just on the face of it. The Left has destroyed the value of the franchise with this one.”

Now, of course, Trekkies arguably are the most opinionated lot on Earth when it comes to assessments of one’s favourite franchise. I fully understand that most of them differ little from Sheldon of “The Big Bang Theory” fame, when it comes to their opinions about all things Star Trek. But – to my friends and to everyone else who is ready to abandon this show before watching it – I extend this humble plea: WATCH THE SHOW!

Before proceeding further, I am forced by convention to issue here a “SPOILER ALERT”. Some of what is written below may tell you more than you wanted to know. However, I’ll just add that if you’re already thinking about not watching the show at all: how it could possibly hurt to read further? Moreover, having seen the first two episodes, I’d gladly watch both again (and probably will). The spoilers aren’t going to spoil anything. Read more

McKeever’s Minimal Maxims and Bon Arrows, Volume 2, Issue 6

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20081029paulCauses, patterns and the determined depend not, for their existences, upon your perception or prediction of them. Ignorance is not evidence.

The will will will what it will.

There is a time for education but, more often, it is a time of war. Murderers do not value truth.

Rhythm sans melody’s a crime. Rhyme is no replacement. Give ’em 6 strings in the basement. Every beat should chime.

Government, freedom, and a “progressive” politician’s anti-freedom religious outreach

June 12, 2017 by · Comments Off on Government, freedom, and a “progressive” politician’s anti-freedom religious outreach 

2017-06-11-patrick-brown-ramadanThose who value their individual freedom must be wary about politicians who do what Ontario MPP Patrick Brown is doing.

On June 10, 2017, Brown, who is the leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition in the Ontario Legislature – “tweeted” on the website, the following:

“Proud to host my annual Ramadan Ifthar with friends & family in Mississauga. We set a new record for turnout with 1100 in attendance! #onpoli”

Wikipedia explains the nature of an Ifthar thusly:

“Ifthar (or Fatoor) (Arabic: إفطار‎‎ ʾifṭār ‘breakfast’) is the evening meal when Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset.

Muslims break their fast at the time of the call to prayer for the evening prayer.”

Brown is not a Muslim, so you might wonder what a Christian fellow such a Brown is doing hosting an Ifthar. The answer is simple: he is clearly attempting to win supporters for his political party, with a view to the next provincial election.

On, I re-tweeted Brown’s tweet, with the following commentary: Read more

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