Criminals, and Other Anarchists

March 18, 2008 by  

In response to one of my videos on anarchism, BinaryTasks:

Does the individual not have the right to decide these things? Is it not his property?

Why can a collective decide over the individual’s land? What right does the collective have to impose courts and legal systems on an innocent individual?

Also, if it turns out that having loads of different courts is bad, won’t the market make sure there are few (or a single one, maybe)?

If people are too stupid to decide this for themselves, aren’t they too stupid to decide this collectively?

I respond as follows:

It is right to seek the restoration of ones values when one has been deprived of them non-consensually. That restoration must be done only after it is objectively proven that one has so been deprived, and only after the nature and extent of the restoration has been objectively determined. The alternative is the non-objective determination of guilt, and the non-objective assessment of restoration. The rightness of objective courts is founded on morality, which is founded on the facts of reality.

Ask the reverse: what right does a mugged person have to non-objectively determine the guilt and non-objectively assess the penalty? Answer: none.

There are “loads of different [non-objective] courts” right now: those are the ones assessing guilt and penalties amongst gangs. To date, the various crime families have not decided, on the basis of market forces, that one court is best for them all. Each prefers to be cop, judge, jury, and executioner; each has their own code of alleged ethics, and their own system of laws. They choose to ignore our laws, police, courts etc. They choose to live in an anarchistic system, which is why it is right to give them the ultimate conclusion of what they want: expel them from civilized society, and let them live amongst their fellow animals.

The fact that we have one legal system, and one system of courts, and one recognized police force is a testament to man’s competency to live on this earth.


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