[VIDEO] Damned to Repeat It

March 13, 2008 by  

My most recent installment (#11) in the “In Defence of Ayn Rand” series just finished uploading to my youtube channel. Titled “Damned to Repeat It”, it is a response to an anarcho-capitalist who has been creating a series of videos called “Ayn Rand Missteps” (Damned to Repeat It is a response to his fourth such video, which deals with Ayn Rand’s politics).

“Damned to Repeat It” has been broken into three parts, each relating to one of the three assertions made by the anarcho-capitalist (who goes by the name aaron0883): libertarianism, anarchism, and voting.

Here are the links to each:

IDOAR #11: Damned to Repeat It, Pt. 1 – Libertarianism

IDOAR #11: Damned to Repeat It, Pt. 2 – Anarchism

IDOAR #11: Damned to Repeat It, Pt. 3 – Voting

NOTE: sometimes, it takes a few minutes or hours for the videos to propagate through’s servers…you might get a “file not found” message (or something similar) for a while. If so, just come back to the links a bit later.


One Response to “[VIDEO] Damned to Repeat It”

  1. The Undercurrent on March 13th, 2008 11:31 pm

    Thanks for responding to that idiot. It says something about people like him and Barbara Branden if their focus is tearing someone down, i.e. destruction, not production.

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