The Malfare State

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In the Nation Post blog, Rudyard Griffiths opines that “In a recession, our bulked up petrodollar will accelerate the gutting of Ontario’s manufacturing sector and further delay the province’s economic recovery.”

I replied:
The fortunate fact is that no amount of wealth redistribution will stem the tide of industry to China, and customer service to India. Barring an about face on labour/employment laws, on taxation, and on electricity price controls, McGuinty’s Liberals face an uphill battle in 2011. The real threat to Ontario’s survival is: columns and reports over the next 3 years that imply or state that the Progressive Conservatives would make the necessary changes. Under John Tory, they would not because, in fact, the PCs and the Liberals (since the reign of Mike Harris) again sing from the same hymn book.

If the media choose to present the PCs as a policy alternative to the Liberals, Ontario is damned until at least 2015. Journalistic conservativism – by which I mean presenting fine tunings/distinctions as though they are major re-adjustments/differences – can dash the hopes of Ontario. What Ontario needs, journalistically, is the courage of Jonathan Kay and Mark Steyn…a courage to say that the welfare state is now the MALfare state, and that the right medicine is: a commitment to reason, which mandates free markets.

Paul McKeever
Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario


3 Responses to “The Malfare State”

  1. Iain G. Foulds on May 21st, 2008 8:01 pm

    … Hello Paul,
    … Well, an impressive website and blog. My thanks for you excelent efforts, and comments on common forums.
    … With respect, I find the whole Objectivist/ epistimology debate to be unbelievably dull- even distracting and defeating.
    … Our more crucial task is to educate Canadians at a grassroots, elementary level to recognise and embrace the values of individual liberty- turning away from all forms of social and economic collectivism.
    … Let us put aside the essentially irrelevant ivory tower bickering, and unite our efforts in a clear and simple way.

    …………. Best wishes…

  2. Burgess Laughlin on May 23rd, 2008 10:47 am

    “Let us put aside the essentially irrelevant ivory tower bickering, and unite our efforts in a clear and simple way.”

    Essentialization, clarity, and simplicity in communication arise from having an objective epistemology. I offer my views of the skill of essentializing here. They are based on the epistemology of Objectivism.

    Politics is the second floor of a house designed for living on earth, where ethics is the first floor, and epistemology and metaphysics are the bedrock foundation. Attempting to build a second floor without solid support below leads to disaster. With the first earth tremor–that is, the first serious intellectual challenge from mystics, altruists, and statists–the second floor, politics, plunges into ruin.

  3. Iain G. Foulds on May 23rd, 2008 8:50 pm

    … Burgess… respectfully, this is a fine thought for the handful of Canadians who have doctorates in philosophy, etc. And, it is not that I disagree with this thought.
    … However, I believe that it is the greater goal to be able to communicate simply with every Canadian about the values of individualism, vs. social and economic collectivism… which is really a very easy and clear message.
    … I just don’t want those of us united in political philosophy, to be divided by things which can wait for another time.
    … Which, I apologise, is not a very clear response.

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