Celebrate Judge Me According to My Genetics Day!

March 9, 2016 by  

2016-03-09.sperm-eggRise up, ugly people. You are not a group of individually judged entities (sometimes quaintly called “human beings”). You are but cells comprising the ugly people entity. Whether you’re a saint or a sinner, a winner or a loser, a producer or a vampire…none of that is relevant to the issue of how you should be judged. None of that should determine what you deserve or get. You are a single ugly people entity, and you should be judged as such. What you deserve depends upon the worthiness of the collective entity of which you are but a cell.

Like the ugly people entity, the beautiful people entity is comprised of cells: saints and sinners, winners and losers, producers and vampires…but NONE of that stuff matters. We do not rightly judge human beings according to such things, because they are but cells of a collective beautiful people entity. We judge every cell according to the worthiness of the collective entity of which it is a part. None of that saint/sinner, winner/loser, producer/vampire stuff should determine what any cell of the beautiful person entity deserves.

And, when it comes to judging, we all know that there is no justification for differences, between collective entities, in quantities of material or spiritual stuff. All collectives should have the same amount of everything precisely because they are collectives. On average, each collective should have the same number of saints and sinners, winners and losers, producers and vampires, so any difference in the amount of stuff had by two collective entities is obviously due to cheating and other unjust acts or omissions…or to unjust privilege.

Now, clearly, the ugly people entity inexplicably has less admiration than the beautiful people entity. Clearly, the beautiful people entity is cheating and committing an injustice via its beauty privilege.

The time has come to FORCE the beautiful people entity to admire the ugly people entity more, BECAUSE it is ugly. The time has come to FORCE the ugly people entity to admire the beautiful people entity less, BECAUSE it is beautiful.

The beautiful people entity must be made to feel shame and guilt, and to repent and make amends to the ugly people entity for having the beautiful people genetics it has (we all saw you trip the ugly sperm and make a dash for the egg, beautiful cheater). The ugly people entity must celebrate and be proud of its magnificent, impressive achievement of having the genetics it has.

We must entirely outlaw – as a human right – any difference in the amount of material or spiritual stuff had by those two entities, because any difference can only be explained as being the result of cheating, and unearned privilege. We must redistribute wealth, and jobs, and political power, and admiration, and love, between these two persons. Communis….er, um, social justice, demands it!

Turning now to the short people entity, and its oppression at the hands of the tall people entity…


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