Dear Apple / iPhone app developers: free new idea – how to make million$

November 3, 2013 by  

My youngest child’s iphone was stolen at his school gym. So here – after a Sunday dinner discussion – are some of the new iPhone apps/hardware mods that the extended McKeever clan would like to see developed:

1. When you swipe, the phone scans your fingerprint. If the fingerprint isn’t that of the phone’s owner, the phone knows it, and it assumes that you’ve lost possession of your phone.

2. When your phone goes to a location that it’s never been, it beeps and requests that you type-in your itunes account username and password to confirm that you still have possession of your phone. Until you do, the phone assumes that you’ve lost possession of your phone. This feature can be turned off after logging into itunes.

3. If you’ve chosen to have a passcode (i.e., that 4-digit code that must be entered before using your phone) then, if the phone is turned on, it is assumed not to be in your possession until after your passcode is entered.

4. If the phone assumes that you’ve lost possession of your phone, (a) the phone cannot be powered-down, cannot be taken off of wifi, and cannot be put into airplane mode. The phone remains on and traceable using “find my iphone” (or whatever the hell it’s now called under the system). That way, you can find your phone: the thief cannot hide its location by turning off the phone or cutting it off from cellular or wifi.

5. If, when someone does a swipe on your phone, the finger print of the swiper is not recognized, the camera is activated immediately and a photo of the person who swiped the phone is taken and uploaded to icloud. You receive an e-mail saying that your phone is in the possession of someone who should not have it. Options: 1. The phone begins video streaming to icloud: a constant stream of audio and video is recorded until you enter your itunes username and password. 2. You can add a list of approved fingerprints, so that you can allow certain people to use your phone.

6. WISHLIST: (a) electrodes/taser electrocution of the person who stole your phone. (b) combustion of the phone, while in the pocket of the person who stole your iphone.

Get going on it iPhone App developers / Apple. You’ve already got ONE customer.


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