Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Self-imprisonment

May 17, 2016 by  

2016-05-17.self-imprisonmentThere is no such thing as “race”, though we all have different genetic make-ups.

There is no such thing as “gender”, though most of us have either a penis or a vagina.

There is no such thing as “sexual orientation”, though some of us are sexually attracted to both sexes, some are sexually attracted to one sex much more than the other, some are sexually attracted exclusively to one sex, and many are sexually attracted to nobody at all.

There are no collective entities defined by such Man-made categories.

There is no good or evil done by such collective entities.

Hence, there is no debt owing to any such collective entity, by any such collective entity; no need for a special, collective-entity-specific law.

And, when we allow membership in such Man-made categories as race, gender, and sexual orientation to play a role in judging what a person deserves, we do all individuals an injustice.

Each of us is just an individual human being.

So long as none of us take any other individual’s life, liberty, or property without his or her consent, we are all free.

We are free to think or not to think.

We are free actively to pursue our own happiness in this life, or to drift mindlessly through a shortened life of suffering and loss.

Much unnecessary emotional baggage comes from believing in such things as race, gender, and sexual orientation.

Find your salvation in realizing that race, gender, and sexual orientation are Man-made cages the doors of which are not locked.

Only you keep yourself in such cages.

Walk out, and spread the word to the other prisoners.


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