PowerWise's "Allard-Johnson Communications" Commenter: Holocaust a "controversial…theory", PM a "Doochebag"

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Readers of my blog may have read my post, yesterday, about the website, and a “tip” which the site left up on its home pages: a tip that suggested ending all immigration to Canada, so that said would-be immigrants will not increase their carbon footprint. In response to my post, I received a couple of comments. One of which was particularly interesting.

First, some background. My blog software has a spam feature. First-time posters cannot post until I have approved them. Whenever a first-time poster submits a comment, my blog software sends me an e-mail asking whether or not I want to approve the comment. Today I got one such e-mail, from a person lacking the testicular fortitude to use his own name (he tendered the name “guy incognito”). The submitted comment read as follows:

Hilarious. I think you’ve confused the word “Reason” with “Absurd”.

Here’s what you’ve done Paul:

1) You take a site that is promoting energy conservation and allows users to post tips relating to that topic.
2) You find an absurd post, that is probably the rantings of a man quite like you. Which has little to nothing to do with the goal of the site.
3) You liken it to some controversial population control theory.
4) You write an idiotic uninformed and time wasting article.
5) You look in the mirror and realize you’re a doochebag.

Despite the poster’s inability even to spell his/her/its insult correctly (note, for the benefit of the foul-mouthed comment submitter: the correct spelling is “douchebag”), I approved the post.

Ignoring the gutter language, consider the content of the post. In my original post, I had likened the “tip” in question to the population control measures of Adolf Hitler: the murder of Jews and others, and the expropriation of Europeans and Asians during Hitler’s bid to rule Europe and most of Asia. I gave a link to what Hitler actually wrote, so that people could verify the comparison. I also gave a link to an article explaining the role of the green (Volkisch) movement within Hitler’s party/government. And how does “guy incognito” sum up what I did?:

3) You liken it to some controversial population control theory.

I see. So the murder of 6 million Jews and others is “controversial”?! There’s nothing “controversial” about genocide, whether or not it is a population control measure: murder is evil, end of story, end of analysis, no controversy required. And, by the way “guy incognito”, it isn’t a “theory”: millions of Jews were actually murdered by Hitler in his bid for “lebesraum” (living space) for his “Aryan race”.

Now, I probably would not have even bothered writing this post except for one very important point. Let me explain. First, look at the e-mail I received from my blog software, asking whether or not I approve the poster, and note the part I’ve highlighted in yellow:

(click to enlarge)

I googled “Allard-Johnson Communications”, found its website, and discovered it is a marketing/advertising company. I clicked on the link for “Our Customers” and, you guessed it (see the part I highlighted in yellow)…

(click to enlarge)

Allard-Johnson Communications says it does work for PowerWise and David Suzuki. So, let’s list the possibilities:

  1. in a freakish coincidence, my blog software incorrectly identified, as the source of the Comment, someone using computers at Allard-Johnson Communications, a company which says it does work for powerwise;
  2. the Comment did come from an Allard-Johnson Communications computer, but it was not an employee of Allard-Johnson Communications who sent it (this would imply that Allard-Johnson has a serious security issue regarding the use of its computers); or
  3. an employee of Allard-Johnson Communications is the person who posted the Comment, and is, by virtue of the content of his Comment:
    1. fond of using foul language;
    2. a person with a mind capable of regarding the holocaust as a “controversial population control theory”; and
    3. lacks the courage to identify his lowly self.

Taxpayers, I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that your earnings were given to Allard-Johnson Communications, so that they could have a guy like that on the payroll, writing things like that to my blog.

Finally: a message to those who might choose to post their Comments on my blog. Go ahead. But to those who have nothing to offer but name calling, do not expect to be able to do so anonymously. If your identity is significant – as it was in this case – the origin of a name-calling screed may be identified.

Oh, and: thanks for reading the Paul McKeever blog, folks at Allard-Johnson Communications.


5 Responses to “PowerWise's "Allard-Johnson Communications" Commenter: Holocaust a "controversial…theory", PM a "Doochebag"”

  1. Mike MacMurray on June 17th, 2008 8:53 pm


    I’ve enjoyed most of what I’ve read so far on the site. But In this post I think you’ve gotten a little ahead of yourself. A call to “stop all immigration now” is, as you pointed out, related to genocide and expropriation. But you would have done better to carefully lay out how the false concepts that form the basis of xenophobia lead, not to a Suzuki-approved smaller carbon footprint, but to the initiation on a national scale of violence against those who don’t belong to the “master race”.

    You immediately reached for the “Hitler hammer” when a tool of greater delicacy and precision was required.

  2. Paul McKeever on June 18th, 2008 12:13 am

    Mike (MacMurray):

    Thanks for your comment.

    I don’t reach for the “Hitler hammer” indiscriminately. Hitler gained power with the considerable help of the Völkisch movement, the existence of which preceded his NSDAP. Hitler’s expressed rationale for geographic conquest was to secure land for Germans, at the expense of others. The foundation of his goal was a belief that the earth could not sustain development. His belief about sustainability (i.e., that population growth is not sustainable) was essentially the same as that of David Suzuki and other Völkisch Malthusians.

    Hitler (a vegetarian) implemented a series of what would now be called “green” laws. His one-with-nature ideal was the same, in its essentials, as that of Suzuki. Suzuki, like the German Völkisch movement which preceded him, believes population control is necessary. Suzuki, like Hitler, wants to reduce and limit the human population (watch/listen to/read virtually anything he has said about the population) for “sustainability” reasons. The central change in the Völkisch movement’s strategy, today, is this: Hitler’s strategy – sacrificing non-German humans for the sustainable existence of Germans – has been abandoned in favour of a more politically-salable strategy of sacrificing the human population as a whole, regardless of genetic make-up: not in the form of murder (although an unnecessary lack of power production will undoubtedly be the cause of many people’s deaths), but in the form impoverishment of all humanity, and a reduction (through attrition and government-imposed limits on births) in the number of people occupying the Earth.

    The very idea that a human “footprint” is bad suggests that human footprints should not be found on Earth. Even the chosen terminology (i.e., “footprint”) implies that Suzuki and other Völkisch types believes that humans are not a part of nature at all. Humans, in his system of understanding, are akin to a parasite on a host. As he sees it, humans should adapt to nature as it might be without the existence of man, rather than changing anything in nature to suit the needs or wants of humans. Implicitly, and essentially, the modern green movement replaces Hitler’s demonization of Jewish people with a demonization of all of humanity.

    In the end, green fanaticism is fascism taken to its logical conclusion: the hatred of all that is human. As such, the green movement deserves an unequivocal moral condemnation…as does any organization that profits from the tax-funded condemnation of human existence and happiness.

  3. Ralf Wilmes on July 27th, 2008 3:56 am

    Hi Paul,

    Allow me to kick off with a correction in German: living space is ‘Lebesraum’. The funny thing here is that ‘Liebestraum’ means ‘Love-dream’! A happy mistake I’d say!

    Seriously, I do not think you use the Hitler hammer too quickly indeed. I do think the whole green movement is often so ‘sneaky’ in the way they operate that some strong identification is needed.

    I think of my own company who now ‘advises’ to put a stupid logo at the end of my emails showing a little icon of a tree, followed by the text “think before you print”.

    Having my Inbox filled with useless emails every morning I come into the office, I just changed the text to ‘Think before you write’. It worked. Less people write me now, I print less, and my mind is less polluted.

    I would go as far as to say the green movements motive is to make people feel small. Feeling small makes you un-assertive. Unassertive people are easier to rule.

    I live and work in Italy. Since 2 years we have to separate our garbage, and throw away plastics, glass, organic, paper etc. into separate containers. A lot of work more to do for me I’d say, so at least a tax reduction please? No.I pay more tax now! Am I missing something? No. My eyes still function. The state really expects me to be feel so guilty, that it almost sounds fair to let me do the work and pay for it too. Try harder folks.

  4. Paul McKeever on July 27th, 2008 8:24 am

    Re: “Liebestraum”/”Lebesraum” – now, that’s funny. I distinctly remember doing a quick check on the spelling…but, it appears, not on the meaning, which led to my use of the wrong word. Thanks for the correction.

  5. simonor on July 22nd, 2011 10:56 pm

    We had some similar issues in England. I wasted my time e-mailing a company that was using taxpayer money to lobby the public on behalf of the government, and lobby the government on behalf of the ‘public’.
    They were apparently somewhere Green and in-between, using the nest of Quango vipers to gain more-or-less untraceable funding, while having lots of fun preaching death for death’s sake.
    Can’t remember who they were. It’s probably all on a blog somewhere. I don’t really attack these sorts of people anymore, it’s a bit like trying to savage Tofu.

    I remember they were proclaiming ‘evidence’ in the same way that Gaddhafi proclaimed ‘theory’, and they actually confused their presumed ability to sway some people’s parroting with ‘proof’.

    Tofu for brains, and that’s putting it politely.

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