Why you’re a target of “soul destroyers” at work

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A friend of mine asked “At your workplace, do the happy people become targets for the soul destroyers? Why is that?” I replied as follows.

Okay, you caught my attention with that one.

In a nutshell, it’s the hatred of the good for being the good.


There are people who do the thinking and acting necessary to earn the things that are consistent with surviving and thriving: things like money, love, sex, admiration, recognition, influence etc. Achieving them makes them happy. Such people are happy not only because they earned those things, but because – by succeeding – they drown insecurities and become confident in their abilities, and proud of those abilities.

There are other people – many more of them – who do not do the thinking and acting necessary to earn the things that are consistent with surviving. Most of these people convince themselves that they do not want or need things like money, sex, admiration, recognition, influence etc.. They hope, in doing so, to avoid feeling guilty over their decision not to think, act and succeed.

You’ll find them agreeing with “All You Need Is Love”, and similar naive and erroneous sentiments. They’ll wrap themselves in a religion that tells them that money is the root of all evil, and that sacrificing worldly goods and happiness is the path to an eternal afterlife of absolutely free and effortless bliss.

And then the happy person comes along, fit, and smiling, and wearing some indisputably beautiful clothing, and driving a nice car, and living on a gentleman’s estate with horses. And, immediately, the non-thinker/non-doer is resentful. He/she sees the happy person being happy, and – at least subconsciously – he/she feels shame and embarrassment and inferiority…over having chosen not to think and do the things necessary to achieve happiness; over having chosen not to think or do.

That shame and embarrassment is painful; very painful. Worse, it confronts the person with truth in the face of all of the lies the person has been telling him/herself: lies about how “love is all you need”, and about how “the meek shall inherit the earth”, and about how those who sacrifice and suffer are the real winners etc….all of it: suddenly brought out into the light, where the self-deception cannot stand; a house of cards that is suddenly seen to be teetering.

The fear that that house of cards will completely fall leads to anger and hatred and a desperate attempt to maintain the delusion by telling his/herself such things as: “How dare she flaunt that stuff in my face?! Oh, she’s so conceited. She thinks she’s so great”.

The non-thinker/non-doer doesn’t want what the successful/happy person has achieved. The non-thinker/non-doer wants to eliminate, from the face of the earth, anything that can remind him/her of the lies he/she tells him/herself. He/she wishes that the happy person could be expropriated, discovered to be a thief and a fraud, cast out of society…shown to be no better than the non-thinker/non-doer. He/she wants the end of that which exposes his self-deception.

Behind every communist, every black-bloc anarchist, every virgin-seeking Jihadist, etc. is a person who simply didn’t want to do the work needed to earn the things that – in earning them – bring one happiness; a person who wants to believe that all happiness is a lie; a person who wants to justify their non-thinking, non-acting, failing mode of a miserable existence, and destroy anything that reminds the non-thinker/non-doer that he/she is lying to himself in order to avoid the painful consequences of accepting that he/she is full of shit, and would rather be full of shit than read a book, or lift a finger.

Oh, and they vote: Liberal, PC, NDP, Green.


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