Paris attacks not truly a response to insult: a tactic to replace Democracy with Shariah

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The world’s journalists and talk-show hosts are making a mistake. It is an innocent one. The mistake is to report that Islamic terrorists in Paris committed murders and assaults in reaction to the publication of cartoons that mock Islamic prophet Mohammed, or that mock militant Islamic leaders. The only entities served by the mistake are the terrorists and other Islamic Theocrats. Read more

Politics is Personal

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A speech given by Paul McKeever to the attendees of Freedom Party of Ontario’s
November 15th “Politics is Personal” Dinner
Lamplighter Hotel, 591 Wellington Road, London, Ontario


The theme of tonight’s dinner is “Politics is Personal”.  Although the theme was one ultimately chosen by Bob Metz, the idea of the personal nature of politics has worked its way into a lot of my thinking in recent years.

There are several senses in which politics is personal.  For my part, tonight, I will submit to you that the fact that politics is personal is the reason that we are all gathered in this room tonight.

What I find most striking is the extent to which many in society have tried to hide the fact that politics is personal.  They hide its personal nature by the division of governmental powers.  They hide it with elections.  And they hide it with political parties. Read more

The Lexicon of Man: “Free”, “Freedom”, & “Free Society”

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In the context of the political philosophy of Man, the terms “free”, “freedom”, and “free society” are properly defined as follows: Read more

OkStupid: The Progressive Conservatives' Leftist Attack on Morality and Freedom

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The freedom to speak ones mind without being fined or imprisoned does not imply the freedom to speak ones mind without being shunned, publicly humiliated, or condemned. So long as the misguided advocates of alleged “free speech” make that false inference, they will serve only as enemies of morality and freedom. And, for that, they must be shunned, publicly humiliated, and condemned…as follows. Read more

In 5 sentences: What is Objectivism, and how does it differ from libertarianism?

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A member of the community asked:

“Can someone explain to me in 5 sentences or less what objectivism is and how it differs from libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism without saying “it’s Ayn Rand’s philosophy,” telling me to read a book, or sending me a hyperlink. I just want a short explanation. That’s all. —> EDIT: Use a dozen sentences if necessary. Just don’t write a novel or use philosophical lingo I won’t understand.”

I replied as follows: Read more

Short note to the smart, the beautiful, and the wealthy: who hates you, and why

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If you’re smart, they’ll say that you cheated on your exams, or that you’re ugly (and they’ll draw you accordingly).

If you’re beautiful, they’ll say you are stupid, and that you cheat by using your body – instead of your brain – to get ahead.

If you’re wealthy, they’ll say that you are stupid or ugly, and that you would be poor if you didn’t cheat others to get what you have.

The smart, the beautiful, and the wealthy are derided by the stupid, the ugly, and the poor for being stupid, ugly, or poor.

Their hatred of you is proof that they hate themselves, and resort to dishonesty – to cheating – to hide that fact from themselves.

Are you a redian?

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Are you a redian? Want to find out about the most promising political movement on the planet and its promise of communities of freedom, harmony, and abundance? Read on. Read more

Islamic Terrorism: the essential issue, the solution, and 10 Commandments for the Hero

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{The following is the text of a commentary given by Paul McKeever on the April 25, 2013 episode of “Just Right” (CHRW 94.9 FM, London, Ontario). Click here to listen to an archived copy of the broadcast.}


On Monday, April 15, 2013, two Muslim men bombed the finish line of the Boston marathon killing some, and maiming many. The attack came just weeks after reports that the firebombing of an Algerian gas plant was planned or carried out by four young Muslim men from London, Ontario.

The media and our politicians have dealt with such events as though terrorism itself is the problem. Islam leads to terrorism say some. Terrorism gives a bad name to Islam say others. But is terrorism the essential issue? Or does the focus on terrorism distract from the essential issue facing North America in particular, and the world in general? Read more

Government, Libertarianism, and the Two Worlds: An Open Letter to Glenn Beck and Penn Jillette

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Your December 6, 2012 discussion on The Blaze in respect of Mr. Jillette’s book “Every Day Is An Atheist Holiday” has been forwarded to me by a person who asks “How can we better expand our tent without compromising any principles?”. Having now watched your discussion with great interest, I offer you the following in the hope that you might find it helpful in your efforts to build a big tent that is actually pro-freedom. Read more

You Keep Asking, Now We Answer: Freedom Party versus Libertarian Party

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The word “libertarian” is used in both a formal sense and an informal sense. When a socialist Liberal politician exclaims that the state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation, he is called a civil “libertarian”. When a theocratic Conservative politician calls for a reduction in taxes, he too is called a “libertarian”. And when an “anarcho-capitalist” economist calls for the elimination of government, he is called a “libertarian”. So what does the word actually mean? Read more

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