Why you’re a target of “soul destroyers” at work

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A friend of mine asked “At your workplace, do the happy people become targets for the soul destroyers? Why is that?” I replied as follows.

Okay, you caught my attention with that one.

In a nutshell, it’s the hatred of the good for being the good. Read more

Hitler and Nazism: “Left Wing” or “Right Wing”?

November 15, 2016 by · Comments Off on Hitler and Nazism: “Left Wing” or “Right Wing”? 

hitler-moustacheYour “right wing” acquaintances assert that Hitler and his Nazis were left-wingers, but your “left wing” acquaintances assert that Hitler and his Nazis were right-wingers. If you have spent a significant amount of time debating such things, you have probably observed that both sides believe themselves to be correct. Well, why do they each believe themselves to be correct? And which of them is correct? Read more

Judging people by their code of ethics is not tribalism

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2016-06-15-forthoodIn the aftermath of the Orlando massacre of June 12, 2016, the Ayn Rand Institute’s Elan Journo has written an article in which he condemns the positions of the presumptive presidential nominees of the two biggest political parties in the USA. Journo accuses both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump of failing “to understand the centrality of philosophic ideas in animating the jihadist cause”, and he sums-up Trump’s proposed ban on immigration by Muslims as “tribalism”. I am sympathetic about what he says about Clinton, but I think he gets this one wrong with respect to Trump. Read more

Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Self-imprisonment

May 17, 2016 by · Comments Off on Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Self-imprisonment 

2016-05-17.self-imprisonmentThere is no such thing as “race”, though we all have different genetic make-ups.
There is no such thing as “gender”, though most of us have either a penis or a vagina.
There is no such thing as “sexual orientation”, though some of us are sexually attracted to both sexes, some are sexually attracted to one sex much more than the other, some are sexually attracted exclusively to one sex, and many are sexually attracted to nobody at all. Read more

Now is not the time…

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Listen for it, dear citizen: the most important phrase in the verbal toolbox of hypocritical, morally-corrupt, or dishonest politicians; the phrase that feigns now to be objection, but serves later to be an endorsement.

The phrase: “Now is not the time…”

How to understand politics better

April 2, 2016 by · Comments Off on How to understand politics better 

Le_penseur_de_la_Porte_de_lEnfer_(musée_Rodin)_(4528252054)_FotorFive things to remember about people, politics, and political phrases (by no means a complete list, and in no particular order):

When they demand respect, they demonstrate that they lack what is needed to command respect.

It’s not a “hand-up” that they want. It’s a take-down.

When they say “Share the wealth”, they mean “Share the misery.”

When they say “Together, we will…”, they mean: “You shall…”. You, and you alone, for them, or else.

When they say “We’re all in this together”, the “this” they’re referring to is your wallet…and not theirs.

Bombings in Brussels: Everything you’ll read about them, in one tiny article

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explosions-hit-brussels-airport-14586348600291_FotorEarlier today, explosions “rocked the Brussels airport and subway system, killing at least 28 people and injuring many more“…but we cannot be certain of the bombers’ motive, and ultimately this is a response to something awful we’ve done in another country (for oil…or, something money-related), and religion certainly had nothing to do with it, and the bombers were mentally ill, and they were odd, and “real” people of their religion (possibly Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism…we can’t rule that out) would never do such a thing, and saying otherwise is racist (even though religion has nothing to do with race), or isolationist (even if you are pro-immigration), or “privilege” and “patriarchy” (because, well, what isn’t?), or….whatever….and we should respond by turning the other cheek, and taking our troops out of the Middle East, and telling would-be attackers that we mean no one any harm so, please, please, don’t hurt us (pretty please, we’ll be nice). In short: nothing to see here folks. Move along. Everything is double-plus good.

Celebrate Judge Me According to My Genetics Day!

March 9, 2016 by · Comments Off on Celebrate Judge Me According to My Genetics Day! 

2016-03-09.sperm-eggRise up, ugly people. You are not a group of individually judged entities (sometimes quaintly called “human beings”). You are but cells comprising the ugly people entity. Whether you’re a saint or a sinner, a winner or a loser, a producer or a vampire…none of that is relevant to the issue of how you should be judged. None of that should determine what you deserve or get. You are a single ugly people entity, and you should be judged as such. What you deserve depends upon the worthiness of the collective entity of which you are but a cell. Read more

Terrorism is not an enemy

November 16, 2015 by · Comments Off on Terrorism is not an enemy 

democracy_is_cancer_islam_is_answerTerrorism is not an enemy. It is an activity carried out by enemies.

Terrorism serves a purpose: the purpose of the enemy who uses it.

If one merely targets terrorism and terrorists – as Western leaders are now (weakly or strongly) promising to do in response to the November 13, 2015 murders by proponents of Sharia in France – one is not fighting a war. One is merely cleaning up after a battle. Read more

On Brock University’s Hallowe’en ‘Fun Rules’™

October 30, 2015 by · Comments Off on On Brock University’s Hallowe’en ‘Fun Rules’™ 

mckAccording to Brock University, the last thing you would want to do is break Hallowe’en’s “FUN RULES”™. Brock University’s Student Union has put out a poster telling Brock students what they are prohibited from wearing on Hallowe’en. A number of officially verboten examples are given. ‘Oddly’ though, whereas a bindi or Arabic or Native headware is prohibited, you will find no mention of kilts, lederhosen, or wooden shoes. No mention of prohibitions on Pope hats, or anything else Christian or Jewish. Some cultural stuff deserves more protection than other cultural stuff, apparently. That is hardly an important point though.

To the contrary, here is the point: Read more

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