Consent, Coercion & Legal Tender: Understanding Money & Banking, Part 6

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Late last night I released Part 6 of my Understanding Money & Banking video series. Titled “Consent, Coercion & Legal Tender“, it deals only with currency (as opposed to credit). In particular it focusses one of the key differences between paper bank notes and gold/silver coins: the source of the value of each. Read more

Just the Tax Ma'am

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The National Post’s Colby Cosh today wrote a column in which he takes for granted the idea that wealth needs to be redistributed to save the environment from…well…something, and plunges into discussing which is better: a cap and trade system, or a carbon tax.

I replied as follows: Read more

Not Published: My Letter to the Editor of the Toronto Star

June 4, 2008 by · 1 Comment 

Early yesterday morning, I submitted the following letter to the Editor of the Toronto Star, in response to this editorial concerning the Ontario-Quebec proposal for an inter-provincial carbon cap-and-trade system. Although The Star has published my letters, and an op-ed, before, this letter did not get published in today’s paper. One possible reason is the length of the letter (it was a little longer than some of my others, though not long by the measure of other letters published daily in the Star). Can you think of any other reasons it was not published? Read more

Could Ontario Follow Massachussets' Bid to End Income Tax?

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Carla HowellOn May 22, 2008, the Western Standard reported that the Center for Small Government, for the second time since 2002, is trying to introduce a ballot initiative to end income taxation in the State of Massachussets. In 2002, 45 percent of the state voted to scrap the state’s income tax. With the figures for early 2008 show similar levels of support, the collectivists – this time – are spending big money to fight the elimination of taxation.

In the comments to the Western Standard story, Anonymous noted that Massachusset’s state revenue would drop only 39% were the income tax to be scrapped. He/she asked others to do the math for Canada and its provinces. I posted the following, in reply: Read more

Defending Multiculturalism for Dummies

June 1, 2008 by · 6 Comments 

YouTube's qtronmanOn the popular video sharing site YouTube, a philosophical vlogger who goes by the handle qtronman (and who is a member of the YouTube Objectivists Group) has started a video debate by condemning Multiculturalism as unjust. In his video, he makes it clear that, by “Multiculturalism”, he is not referring to experiencing cultural customs, foods etc, and that he embraces the idea of learning things of value that people have contributed to human knowledge, wherever they might live etc. He says that, instead, “Multiculturalism, again, says that you cannot judge other cultures”, and he argues that Multiculturalism leads to injustice because it is an assault on values and valuation. Read more

The Paul McKeever Blog, v.2

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It’s been a couple of days, but my new blog site is up, and running. Your thoughts, criticisms, and comments about it are most welcome. It will be tweaked a bit for the next couple of days or weeks but, otherwise, the final format of this design is starting to gel.

Do have a look, will you?



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